Florida Villa Management Services

Our Services

We do not charge for call outs, minor repairs, standard light bulb replacement.

Are weekly pool check includes a full clean and the Full Chemical checks which are recorded, Chemicals replaced and balanced.

The most important aspect of management is the cleanliness of your home and that is our topmost priority. We clean and inspect every home on every changeover to make sure everything is perfect for the next guest. If touch up paint is required, we do that at no extra charge.

One of the main complains we hear about other management companies is the lack of contact and feedback customers receive, to this end we have a set up a UK office and we Strive to build good relationships with our customers and provide them with regular feedback on their home.

Accounts are sent out at the end of every month, so you know exactly were you are up to.

Our office in the UK deals with all the back end management, bill payments, records of bill payments and rentals. We also give you a local point of contact saving you time and money having call and contact Florida all the time.

We are also there to discuss any queries you may have and give you any advice you may need. We can also help and advise with

  • Insurance issues
  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Accounting advice & Returns
  • Repairs & Maintenance
  • License Requirements